About Me

Five Things to Know About Me

  • I’m a software engineer. I work in C++, Python, and use libraries such as OpenCV, TensorFlow, and ROS. I’ve worked on an assortment of projects in industry, academia, and on my own free time. I currently work at MORSE Corp.

  • I focus on computer perception, localization, and tracking, including computer vision, state estimation, sensor fusion, machine / deep learning, mapping, and robotics in general. I have additional background in entrepreneurship, electrical engineering, and rapid prototyping.

  • I work hard to improve. I’m self-reflective and know what skills I want to learn next. I like to spend some of my free time self-studying and practicing the skills I need to make projects that interest me.

  • I love to teach and discuss code. I put in the effort to describe technical ideas as clearly as possible. I write code that is easy to understand and optimized to save reading time, not just running time. I’ve even started my own blog (I’m glad you found it!) to help improve these skills.

Everything Else

You can find a formal explanation of my experience over at LinkedIn. For greater details about each individual project, and some coding samples, check out my Portfolio. My open-source work can be found on Github.